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W/Karla Chisholm Band

@An die Musik 7/9

Vocalist Karla Chisholm is phenomenal! Will support her new music with other talented musician! 

Guitar/Violin @ Marie Louie

Music Outside 6/26 6-9p.m.

Father/Daughter dymamic duo playing Jazz, Folk, Funk & anything else they can think of! 

Solo @ Cafe Hon 6/17

Music in the Cafe. 7-9 p.m.

Back to where it all started for me. 

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Latest Track

This is an original composition I wrote entitled "Breathe". It seems very relevant to our current world situation which has touched everyone on the planet....sometimes we need to connect with our ground center remind us that we are alive. 

This Album is available at BandCamp:

Solo @ Cafe Hon 6/17

Music from 7-9 p.m.

Back to the place I started out. Music in the cafe.